SMS Manager App for Android

The SMS manager App presented here is a one in all SMS Application for Android Devices. This SMS App can be used for various SMS Management purposes. SMS Manager is a Free to try out Application and is really inexpensive. You can download a trial of the SMS Manager for Android and check it out how it can be of help to you for managing you SMS.

Download SMS Manager on your Android Tablet or Mobile Phone. This Version of SMS Manager displays advertisements and prompts you to register your copy of the software once trial uses are completed. This Android App has been tested and well tested and there are good chances that you will find this SMS App as best SMS App for Android available in the merket. Yes Free Customer support is available for everybody and we are just an email away.

SMS manager App for Android

Features of SMS Manager for Android

This Comprehensive SMS App for Android has lots of useful features. Some of them are given below along with appropriate screenshots. You can even suggest a new feature by writing to Whether you are using Jelly Bean version of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich, Honeycomb, Gingerbread or even Android Froyo, you can download and try out this SMS App on your Android.

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